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CMS are dead! Hail Markdown!


When willing to assert one’s presence on the web, using a(ny) Content Management System (CMS) is an obvious and natural choice… until one has to face the unfortunate necessity and ugly reality of migrating its content to some other system.

Be it at work or at home, I have suffered the accompanying headaches and frustrations too many times to consider it a healthy state of mind to pursue the same course of action again and again.

And when you come to think of it, what’s important is the content itself, not the bells and whistles that might wrap it.

This is where Markdown comes to one’s salvation and key to eternity!
Content stripped down to the most simple, portable and durable vessel: text!
Add just a few unhindering symbols to enhance its rendering no more than what is really needed, convert it to HTML 2.0 (RFC 1866) for the sake of the World Wide Web, and there you have it:

Thanks to the most lightweight software tools:

The best CMS ever!