Cédric Dufour
GNU/Linux System and Software Engineer

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Personal details


cedric.dufour@null.ced-network.net (note)


CH-1860 Aigle (VD)


Swiss / French


September 9th, 1973

Civil status



French (mother tongue)
English (fluent)
German (basic)

Latest Achievements

Personal Software Projects (see my GitHub for further details)




  • PHP-FEXP, a simple way of exchanging large files via the web
  • PHP-GEREMO, an independent and foolproof add-on to implement "double opt-in" users registration
  • PHP-URC, a library for designing web-based remote control interfaces
  • PHP-APE, a library for PHP Rapid Application Development (RAD)

Garmin ConnectIQ

  • GliderSK, the Glider Swiss Knife for Garmin ConnectIQ devices
  • SunAlmanac, Sunrise/Sunset data for Garmin ConnectIQ devices, along its little-brother PilotSRSS
  • PilotAltimeter, a Pilot ICAO/ISA Altimeter for Garmin ConnectIQ devices
  • TOTP, a TOTP (RFC6238) implementation for Garmin ConnectIQ devices

Idiap Research Institute

Network (ongoing)

  • Upgrading the entire network infrastructure to provide 10Tb/s (Nx40GbE) core and 10GbE edge switching capacity, based on HPE/Aruba switches


GNU/Linux / SmartCards

  • Set up PKI smartcards for e-mail signature/encryption as well as two-factor authentication along PAM, MIT Kerberos V (PKINIT), Apache web server - along OpenLDAP authorization - and OpenVPN.

GNU/Linux / Time-Serie Database
ZFS / High-Availability

GNU/Linux / Virtualization
GPU Computation

  • Added GPU computation nodes to the virtualization infrastructure (~30 physical hosts, ~600 cores, ~7.5 TiB RAM, ~400'000 CUDA cores, ~1.5 TiB GPU RAM) along libvirt, PCI passthrough and K.I.S.S. Cluster (KiSC).

GNU/Linux / Virtualization
High-Availability / Python


  • Forked and refactored apparently defunct SystemImager and SALI system imaging and (PXE) deployment stack to our own in-house SimpleImager project/solution.



GNU/Linux / Virtualization
High-Availability / Network


  • Full network tolopology upgrade and VLAN renumbering along migration to new Fortinet FortiGate-800C firewall cluster and activation of Idiap IPv6 range (2001:620:7a3::/48)

GNU/Linux / Virtualization

  • Migration of all virtual servers (∼120 hosts) to a highly-available corosync/pacemaker+KVM/libvirt cluster, based on IBM BladeCenter (servers) and BNT Virtual Fabric (networking) hardware, and coupled with automated network boot (PXE) and image installation


  • Upgrade and consolidation of building-wide Wireless LAN infrastructure using HP ProCurve Multi-Service Mobility (MSM) products

GNU/Linux / Storage

  • R'Equip project (Lustre-based high performance storage system): initial proof of concept, preliminary tests, requirements analysis, system engineering, hardware provisioning and final commissioning

GNU/Linux / Virtualization

  • Virtualization of all servers and services (∼100 hosts) using Linux VServer technology, along with heartbeat (high-availability)/LVS (load-balancing) and Nagios monitoring

GNU/Linux / Identity Mgmt

  • Consolidation and extension of the MySQL and LDAP-base identity management system to allow its integration with Eduroam and internal freeradius authentication servers as well as SwitchAAI Shibboleth single sign-on (SSO) portal (pan-academic authentication frameworks)

GNU/Linux / Workstations


  • Network migration to multiple VLAN-based segments along with split DNS and DHCP as well as network authentication (802.1X), OpenVPN and enhanced access control using SonicWall appliances.


  • Web-based applications using PHP-APE library: Idiap's Online Recruitment System, Contacts and Relations Manager, Project Management System, Network Access Manager, Project Time Accounting, etc.


Software Engineering and Development

Stand-alone Applications

  • Python, C/C++, Qt

Web applications and services



  • shell scripting, GIT, debian packaging

Linux Systems Engineering and Administration

Operating systems

Core network services

  • DHCP / isc.org's dhcp, DNS / bind, NTP / isc.org's ntp

Authentication services

Mail services

Storage services

Remote access services

Printing services

Database services

Web services


High-availability / load-balancing


Installation and configuration


Server Engineering and Administration


Network Engineering and Administration



Training and Certifications



  • Lustre Workshop - Roland Fehrenbacher and Peter Kruse, Q-Leap Networks (Ehningen, DE)


  • Dynamique de gestion de projet - Georges A. Gessler (Martigny, CH)



  • Advanced C++ - Jack Tardy, Digicomp Academy (Lausanne, CH)
    Attestation: C++ Avancé (CPA)


Jobs and Positions

2006.10 - now

  • Idiap Research Institute (Martigny, CH) - Software and System Engineer (intermediate work certificate, in French)
    Responsible for Linux systems along network and security architecture.
    System engineering and administration (∼200 hosts).
    Network engineering and administration (∼1000 ports).
    Web applications development (PHP/Symfony).

2005.02 - 2006.04

  • VS Informatique (Martigny, CH) - IT Engineer (work certificate, in French)
    Business customers support.
    New tools and services development and setup.
    System (Linux/Windows) and network setup, administration and troubleshooting.

2001.10 - 2005.01

  • Cédric Dufour / Cogito Ergo Soft (Verbier, CH) - Independent Contractor (chamber of commerce registration, in French)
    Web applications development.
    System (Linux/Windows) and network setup, administration and troubleshooting.

1999.03 - 2001.06

  • STAR Telecom (Geneva, CH) - Technical Manager (work certificate, in French)
    STAR Telecommunication Ltd (USA)'s swiss branch setup.
    Technically responsible for telecommunication infrastructures (Nortel DMS-100E) operations, local network and system (Windows NT4) administration, as well as interconnection projects management; Leading a four-employee team.
    Software development (internal tools).

1998.02 - 1999.02

  • Laboratoire de Traitement du Signal - LTS (EPFL, Lausanne, CH) - Ph.D Student (recommendation letter, in French)
    Algorithms research and software development for biomedical images processing and analysis.

Schools and Diplomas

1992 - 1997

  • Engineer in Electricity (low power) - École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL, CH) - master
    Specializations : electronic, electromagnetism, audio, signal processing and telecommunication
    Results : theoretical 8.8/10, practical 8.0/10

1988 - 1992

  • Scientific Diploma - Collège Claparède (Geneva, CH) - high school
    Results : overall 5.6/6


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