PHP Application Programming Environment (PHP-APE)

A library for PHP Rapid Application Development (RAD)

Cédric Dufour

What is PHP-APE ?

The goal of the PHP Application Programming Environment (PHP-APE) is to provide a PHP library allowing developers to concentrate on the objective of their applications rather than on their "lower level" routines. Through the use of PHP-APE data types, data spaces, work spaces, database abstraction layer, and many other built-in utility classes, developers are freed from the burden of writing code to handle user input, render data into HTML or any other format, or query database to retrieve their content. The gap between the data model and the user interface is thus very rapidly filled, allowing so-called Rapid Application Development (RAD).

PHP-APE is completely object-oriented and uses the latest features introduced by PHP 5, such as interfaces, exceptions, resources dynamic (auto) loading, etc.