PHP Universal Remote Control (PHP-URC)

A library for designing web-based remote control interfaces

Cédric Dufour

What is PHP-URC ?

The PHP Universal Remote Control (PHP-URC) framework is a library which allows low-skilled PHP developers to easily design web-based remote control interfaces.

As such, it comes as an ideal development resource for those setting-up a Home Theater PC (HTPC) or a Home Control PC (HCPC), and willing to control both their PC and external appliances - amplifier, beamer, coffee machine, etc. - from a single interface, accessible with any web-able device.

From the front-end (user) interface point of view, PHP-URC is entirely Ajax-based and provides a "look-and-feel" close to a genuine remote control.

From the back-end (services/appliances) interface point of view, PHP-URC relies on "control" plug-ins, which can easily be extended to drive any imagineable backend. The current packaging includes plug-ins for the following backends:

  • LIRC (Linux Infra-Red Control) -
  • HEYU (X-10 Automation) -
  • MPD (Music Player Daemon) -
  • MPLAYER (Multimedia Player) -
  • VLC (VideoLAN Media Player) -
  • SHELL (Command Line) - allowing to send arbitrary system commands
  • MACRO (Macro Commands) - allowing to gather several control/command as one
  • MORE...