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COverlayContainer Class Referenceabstract

Generic overlay container. More...

#include <overlays/COverlayContainer.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for COverlayContainer:
COverlayObject CLandmarkContainer CRouteContainer CTrackContainer CTrackSubContainer CVesselContainer

Public Member Functions

virtual COverlayPointmatchScrPosition (const CChart *_poChart, const QPointF &_rqPointFScrPosition) const =0
 Returns the overlay container's point that (first) matches the given screen position (0 if none is found) More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from COverlayObject
void setName (const QString &_rqsName)
 Sets this object's name. More...
QString getName () const
 Returns this object's name. More...
virtual COverlayuseOverlay ()=0
 Returns this object's (base) overlay. More...
virtual void serialize (QDataStream &_rqDataStream) const
 Serializes (store) this object's data to binary format. More...
virtual void unserialize (QDataStream &_rqDataStream)
 Unserializes (restore) this object's data from binary format. More...
virtual void draw (const CChart *_poChart, QPainter *_pqPainter)=0
 Draws this object (itself or its content) More...
virtual void showDetail ()=0
 Displays this object's details (in the appropriate widget/view) More...
virtual void showEdit ()=0
 Displays this object's edit widget/view. More...
QString newChildName (const QString &_rqsName, int _iZeroPrefix=0, bool _bForceSuffix=false) const
 Returns a valid (non-duplicate) name for a new sibling of this object. More...
QString newChildName (const QString &_rqsName, int _iZeroPrefix, int _iSuffix) const
 Returns a suffixed (potentially duplicate) name for a new sibling of this object. More...

Protected Member Functions

 COverlayContainer (COverlayObject::EType _eType, const QString &_rqsName)
virtual ~COverlayContainer ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from COverlayObject
 COverlayObject (EType _eType, const QString &_rqsName)
virtual ~COverlayObject ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from COverlayObject
enum  EType {
  OVERLAY = 1001, CONTAINER = 1010, SUBCONTAINER = 1011, ITEM = 1100,
  SUBITEM1 = 1101, SUBITEM2 = 1102
 Overlay object type. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from COverlayObject
QString qsName
 Object name. More...

Detailed Description

Generic overlay container.

This class defines the generic representation of an intermediate container (any level between base and items) of overlay objects

See also
Cedric Dufour http://cedric.dufour.name

Definition at line 37 of file COverlayContainer.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ COverlayContainer()

COverlayContainer::COverlayContainer ( COverlayObject::EType  _eType,
const QString &  _rqsName 

Definition at line 27 of file COverlayContainer.cpp.

◆ ~COverlayContainer()

virtual COverlayContainer::~COverlayContainer ( )

Definition at line 47 of file COverlayContainer.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ matchScrPosition()

virtual COverlayPoint* COverlayContainer::matchScrPosition ( const CChart _poChart,
const QPointF &  _rqPointFScrPosition 
) const
pure virtual

Returns the overlay container's point that (first) matches the given screen position (0 if none is found)

Implemented in CVesselContainer, CTrackContainer, CRouteContainer, CLandmarkContainer, and CTrackSubContainer.

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