Universal Password Changer (UPwdChg)

Synchronize passwords between LDAP, Kerberos, Active Directory, etc.

Author: Cédric Dufour <http://cedric.dufour.name>

Website: http://cedric.dufour.name/software/upwdchg



The Universal Password Changer (UPwdChg) allows one to synchronize passwords between multiple and different user directory systems - LDAP, MIT Kerberos, Microsoft Active Directory, etc. - with an emphasis on flexibility, customizability and untrusted frontends security.

How it works

The Universal Password Changer (UPwdChg) is split in two parts:

In order to deal with the lower security of the frontend host, public key cryptography is used:

Password change tokens are actually made of:

Once decrypted, password change tokens/requests are processed through various user-customizable plugins:

MORE : Download / Source Code