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PHP/Symfony Data Jukebox Tutorial Bundle - The Tutorial

PHP/Symfony Data Jukebox Tutorial Bundle

Learn to forget all about views and concentrate entirely on the model.

Table of Contents

What is the Data Jukebox Tutorial Bundle ?

The Data Jukebox Tutorial Bundle demonstrates the usage of the Data Jukebox Bundle via a sample blog application, along detailed documentation and explanations.



  • [MUST] Symfony 2.7 or later
  • [MUST] PHP 5.3.9 or later
  • [SHOULD] Data Jukebox Bundle
  • Licensing

    The Data Jukebox Bundle is distributed under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL) Version 3. The PHP Data Jukebox Bundle includes all resources which contain the mention Data Jukebox Bundle in their documentation and licensing preamble.

    Other Open Source resources may come bundled with teh Data Jukebox Bundle release packaging; they are (and must be) used according to their original licence (look for copyright-related files in the folder hierarchy).


    download tree...


    NOTE: By "build", we mean create the necessary tarballs/package required for installation (according to the Installation section below) or distribution.

    [MUST] Obtain the source code

    $ git clone


    $ tar -xjf symfony-bundle-datajukebox-tutorial-source-1.0.20171115a.tar.bz2
    $ cd symfony-bundle-datajukebox-tutorial-1.0.20171115a

    [MAY] (Re-)build the source tarball

    $ ./debian/rules build-source-tarball
    $ ls -al ../symfony-bundle-datajukebox-tutorial-source-1.0.20171115a.tar.bz2

    [MAY] Build the installation tarball

    $ ./debian/rules build-install-tarball
    $ ls -al ../symfony-bundle-datajukebox-tutorial-1.0.20171115a.tar.bz2

    [MAY] Build the documentation tarball

    $ ./debian/rules build-doc-tarball
    $ ls -al ../symfony-bundle-datajukebox-tutorial-doc-1.0.20171115a.tar.bz2

    [MAY] Build the debian packages

    $ debuild -us -uc -b
    $ ls -al ../symfony-bundle-datajukebox-tutorial_1.0.20171115a_all.deb

    [MAY] Build the debian source package

    $ debuild -I'.git*' -us -uc -S
    $ ls -al ../symfony-bundle-datajukebox-tutorial_1.0.20171115a.dsc ../symfony-bundle-datajukebox-tutorial_1.0.20171115a.tar.gz

    [SHOULD] Do it all with a single command

    $ ./debian/rules release


    WARNING: The Data Jukebox Tutorial Bundle is actively maintained on Linux. It has not been tested on other platforms.

    NOTE: We assume a previously working PHP/Symfony setup.

    [MUST] Install the Data Jukebox Tutorial Bundle

    [OR] using the installation and documentation tarballs

    $ INSTALL_DIR='<installation-directory>'
    $ cd "${INSTALL_DIR}"
    $ tar -xjf symfony-bundle-datajukebox-tutorial-1.0.20171115a.tar.bz2
    $ DOC_DIR='<documentation-directory>'
    $ cd "${DOC_DIR}"
    $ tar -xjf symfony-bundle-datajukebox-tutorial-doc-1.0.20171115a.tar.bz2

    [OR] using the debian package

    $ dpkg -i symfony-bundle-datajukebox-tutorial_1.0.20171115a_all.deb


    The Data Jukebox Tutorial Bundle integrates Symfony the same way as any other bundle. Thus, make sure to:

  • add the corresponding namespace to your application autoload.php
  • instantiate the DataJukeboxTutorialBundle in your application AppKernel.php
  • create/update all assets:
  • $ ./app/console assets:install --symlink --relative <web-directory>
  • dump Assetic resources:
  • $ ./app/console assetic:dump <web-directory>

    Further documentation

    The full documentation of the Data Jukebox Tutorial Bundle (including source code) is part of this (phpDocumentor-generated) HTML documentation; make sure to browse through the expandable tree located on the left of this text, as well as switch the documentation context using the drop list located on top of this text.

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    PHP/Symfony Data Jukebox Tutorial Bundle - The Tutorial

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